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Effective 9/5/19, additional content has been added to the CBA Learning Module Series:

Added to TL4 (version 8):
F-08 Part 1 Acquisition and F-08 Part 1 Fluency
F-08 Part 2 Acquisition and F-08 Part 2 Fluency

Added to TL5 (version 9):
G-11 Part 8 Acquisition and G-11 Part 8 Fluency
G-11 Part 9 Acquisition and G-11 Part 9 Fluency

The recorded % completed on your dashboard and reports will be affected by the additional modules.
If you sat for the BCBA/BCaBA exam in August 2019, BDS will accept 98.97% completion for the money back policy and 69.23% for the free extension policy.
Module completion must be within 6 months from the actual exam date.

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